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Successful events in inspiring destinations

At LABRANDA Hotels & Resorts, we excel in creating unforgettable experiences for meetings and special events. With our spectacular beach settings offering a marvellous backdrop, we inspire gatherings of all manner with superb cuisine, captivating indoor and outdoor venues and personalised service to ensure that every gathering is unique to its host’s vision. LABRANDA properties are located in spectacular settings in some of the most beautiful beach towns in the world, offering guests unforgettable experiences and all-inclusive convenience. 

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Exterior view of Labranda Alantur Hotel and garden with flowers

LABRANDA Alantur Resort

  • 2 Meetings Rooms
  • 50 Capacity
  • 350 Hotel Rooms


  • 180 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Alyssa Suite Hotel

  • 120 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Bahía de Lobos

  • 1 Meetings Rooms
  • 150 Capacity
  • 288 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Bahía Fañabé & Villas

  • 187 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Blue Bay Resort

  • 1 Meetings Rooms
  • 150 Capacity
  • 475 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Bronze Playa

  • 178 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Club Makadi

  • 1 Meetings Rooms
  • 100 Capacity
  • 339 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Corralejo Village

  • 110 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Costa Mogán

  • 125 Hotel Rooms


  • 80 Hotel Rooms
An Exterior view of Labranda Ephesus Princess Hotel

LABRANDA Ephesus Princess

  • 4 Meetings Rooms
  • 200 Capacity
  • 352 Hotel Rooms
A Distant Exterior view of The Hotel at Labranda Excelsior

LABRANDA Excelsior Side

  • 1 Meetings Rooms
  • 80 Capacity
  • 181 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Golden Beach

  • 152 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Kiotari Miraluna Resort

  • 1 Meetings Rooms
  • 150 Capacity
  • 410 Hotel Rooms
The main entrance to Labranda Lliebedos Princess

LABRANDA Lebedos Princess

  • 176 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Los Cocoteros

  • 45 Hotel Rooms
Exterior with sea view at Labranda Mares Marmaris

LABRANDA Mares Marmaris

  • 9 Meetings Rooms
  • 900 Capacity
  • 441 Hotel Rooms


  • 2 Meetings Rooms
  • 60 Capacity
  • 192 Hotel Rooms

Labranda Marine Aquapark Resort

  • 338 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Playa Bonita

  • 260 Hotel Rooms


  • 138 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Reverón Plaza

  • 44 Hotel Rooms
Top view of the hotel pool & ocean near Riviera Hotel & Spa

LABRANDA Riviera Hotel & Spa

  • 4 Meetings Rooms
  • 100 Capacity
  • 356 Hotel Rooms
Distant view of the garden at  Rocca Nettuno Tropea

LABRANDA Rocca Nettuno Tropea

  • 5 Meetings Rooms
  • 400 Capacity
  • 266 Hotel Rooms
Swimming pool area with sunbeds at Labranda Rose Aqua Parc

LABRANDA Rose Aqua Parc

  • 1 Meetings Rooms
  • 500 Capacity
  • 302 Hotel Rooms
Interior of the Hotel Lobby area at Labranda Royal Makadi

LABRANDA Royal Makadi

  • 1 Meetings Rooms
  • 220 Capacity
  • 505 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Sandy Beach Resort

  • 2 Meetings Rooms
  • 160 Capacity
  • 684 Hotel Rooms
Aerial shot of resort with sea view near Labranda Senses Resort

LABRANDA Senses Resort

  • 1 Meetings Rooms
  • 182 Hotel Rooms

LABRANDA Suites Costa Adeje

  • 1 Meetings Rooms
  • 250 Capacity
Lobby with a reception counter at Labranda Targa Aqua Parc

LABRANDA Targa Aqua Park

Aerial view of Labranda TMT Bodrum & ocean


  • 328 Hotel Rooms
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