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Local Attractions
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Local Attractions

What To Do In Hvar

Wondering what to do, see and experience during your visit?  LABRANDA Senses Resort brings the best of Hvar – from exhilarating watersports and recreation to fascinating landmarks, cultural destinations and more – directly to your doorstep. Whether you’ve come to discover stunning natural wonders, world-class museums or dive into the rich history of the region, our staff will be happy to recommend the most popular attractions and things to do in Hvar.

Boats on river in Fisherman’s Museum near Senses Resort

Fisherman’s Museum

The  centuries-old tradition of fishing on the coasts of Hvar has become an integral part of the island's history and the identity of its inhabitants.

The Fortress Church Of St Mary’s near Labranda Senses Resort

The Fortress Church of St Mary’s

The most imposing architectural site in the place, unique in the Adriatic region, is the church of St. Mary of Mercy. The fortress church was widened and fortified in 1575 following the Turkish attack under the guidance of the Turkish duke Uluč-Alija in 1571, who looted and burnt Vrboska as well as most of the island. Fort Kaštilac is from the same time period and it served as a guarding post.

Grapčeva Cave And Village Of Humac near Labranda Senses Resort

Grapčeva cave and village of Humac

Grapčeva Cave is situated near the ethno-eco village of Humac. it is the oldest archeological site in the Adriatic. It contains evidence of late Neolithic Hvar culture dating from between 4000 and 5000 BC.