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To create a sustainable environmental impact, we monitor our energy consumption, water and waste management, pollution emissions, and wildlife protection.


Among the Travelife's main criterion, one of the areas to which we pay attention is the environmental aspect. Labranda Golden Beach focuses on monitoring and reducing the impact caused on environment by tracking the origins of energy and water as well as the amount of our consumption. We also inform our guests about the importance of energy and resources saving while encouraging them to participate in the initiatives.


Reducing waste is also one of the scopes on which the hotel emphasizes. Aside from separating waste and recyclable items, we also try to reduce food waste by keeping a record of the daily food consumption of the guests. With this information, we are able to optimize and improve our food and beverages offerings to avoid any waste that would go to the landfills.


To ensure that the environment is holistically protected, we also aim to avoid any pollution emissions. We ensure the minimal use of the chemicals by recording the usage amount and reducing it to the necessary quantity that complies with the hygiene requirements. Our employees are also given the protective equipment and a training to manage the hazardous components in a safe way.


Labranda Golden Beach supports protecting wildlife while complying with local and international regulations. We do not participate in any trading, exhibiting, or activities involving wildlife, which could lead to a violation of animal rights, as we believe in mutual respect between all living things.


With all the activities listed above, Labranda Golden Beach is progressing towards a greener and more environmentally friendly future that will have a positive effect on the lives and well-being of future generations.


Green Room Program

Join our Green Room Program to help save the environment and enjoy extra benefits while staying at our hotel.


Guests have the possibility to join the program:
•    During the booking process
•    Upon to check-in
•    During their stay


Together, let's make a positive impact on our planet while enjoying a memorable stay. 

Single-Use Plastic Reduction

To support global efforts to combat plastic pollution, we are step-by-step reducing single-use plastic items with the target of becoming single-use plastic free in our guest areas. 

Our first big step was the elimination of single-use plastic cups by replacing them with reusable polycarbonate cups. In this way, we save a significant amount of single-use plastic cups in our hotel and contribute to protecting the environment. As stated on our reusable polycarbonate cups: "USE ME, Re-use me and try not to lose me. Please return me to the bar when done with me".