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The dining experience!

Amidst the beauty of Izmir, the cuisine is fresh and delicious, the restaurants serene and inviting and the service steeped in the warmth and friendliness of the local culture. Each of the restaurants and bars at LABRANDA Lebedos Princess fully embraces these elements to provide a gathering place to relish balmy breezes, enchanting views and rich culinary delights.


From relaxing dining to sipping cool tropical beverages poolside, guests of LABRANDA Lebedos Princess enjoy an array of all-inclusive experiences for dining and socialising.



La Vista

Enjoy Italian specialties freshly prepared at La Vista, from delicious pasta and pizzas to risotto and antipasti varieties. Pair the meals with local or international wine for a perfect evening overlooking sailboat races and the local fauna in Akarca Bay.

Main Restaurant

The main restaurant serves a range of delicious local and international cuisines. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are carried out indoors or on the terrace in an open buffet style.


Lobby Bar

The Lobby Bar offers a wide selection of cocktails. Non-alcoholic and alcohol-based drinks are available at this classic bar. Feel free to enjoy a Turkish coffee at the bar’s terrace or a Florida cocktail (the Lobby Bar’s most popular drink) if you are looking for something to get you in a more laid-back mood.

Pool Bar

This bar offers a wide selection of cocktails by the pool. It’s the perfect place to dry or cool off from a long pool or beachside sojourn. The bar is ideally situated within a natural wind stream and almost always has the right temperature for guests to enjoy the coast. Olive and plum trees near the bar also provide guests with a sweet natural aroma and a peaceful relaxation.

Rooftop Bar

This bar offers a wide selection of cocktails from the main building roof (above the lobby). The bar has a magnificent view of Akarca Bay and is the best place to enjoy the sunset and evening stars.

Snack Bar

Nestled between the Aegean sea and our hotel’s organic garden, our Snack Bar is a perfect place to order delicious comfort-type food with refreshments. The Snack Bar boasts a fantastic and popular pizza menu that you will likely enjoy more than once. Delicious cookies are also offered in the early evening. The bar also comes with a fantastic sea view.