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Local attractions

Culture, history and natural beauty

Wondering what to do, see, and experience during your visit? Labranda Lebedos Princess brings the best of Izmir—from exhilarating watersports and recreation to fascinating landmarks, cultural destinations, and more—directly to your doorstep. Whether you’ve come to discover stunning natural wonders, world-class museums, or dive into the rich history of the region, our staff will be happy to recommend the most popular attractions and things to do in Izmir.

Erythrai Ancient City

Erythrai Ancient City is a well-preserved Ionian city located in Seferihisar, Türkiye. Founded in the 7th century BC, Erythrai was a major center of trade and culture. 

Ancient city of Teos

Teos Ancient City is one of the few ancient cities that receives a lot of attention in international archeology publications, both national and international.

Ancient city of Ephesus

It is an outstanding universal value of the world for all time, and its history dates back to 6000 BC.