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Ancient city of Teos

Teos Ancient City is one of the few ancient cities that receives a lot of attention in international archeology publications, both national and international.

Teos, located by the sea within walking distance of Sack, was the capital of the Northern Ionian until 3000 years ago.

The son of its founder, Dioysos, is known as Athames.

Teos had an important place in the architectural field and trade in ancient times.

Teos opened its doors to the artists who were expelled from the Ionian city on the grounds that they caused unrest for a period and became a city where the Artists Union was established for the first time in history.

For many years, Teos remained a city of art and was home to poets such as Anacreon, Antimachus, Epicurus, Nausiphanes, and Apellikon, as well as the historian Hekataios Teos, one of the most important philosophers and artists of the ancient age.